Work ordered day

The Work Ordered Day provides an opportunity for members to be involved in the overall operation of their clubhouse with real work that enables them to prepare for community engagement.

Members come to the NCW Clubhouse because they have discovered they can be truly helpful to the clubhouse and to one another. During the Work Ordered Day, members spend their time working side-by-side with staff and each other, contributing to the overall functioning of the program. They participate in such tasks as answering the telephone, typing, printing, and collating the newsletter, preparing, computer media, serving, and cleaning up daily lunches and housekeeping. The whole clubhouse community is involved in any decision making that affects the NCW Clubhouse. The purpose of the Work Ordered Day is to provide members with real work, which enables them to discover their strengths and abilities, which in turn results in increased self esteem and self worth. Even though the work is voluntary, it is important work that keeps the clubhouse going and provides a work setting where members can learn valuable skills, build confidence, and develop meaningful relationships with peers.